Updating the firmware on your power module

The latest firmware and interface definitions files are always available via the web.
Your EPC representative can provide access.


Install required PC tools


Firmware update procedure

  1. Prepare module for programming
  • Remove all high power from the module
  • Remove 24V control power
  • Install jumper between J1 pin 1 and pin 2 (+24V to Boot Enable), but do not reconnect 24V at this time
  • Ensure that the USB to CAN device is installed and connected to the appropriate CAN network

*Note: no other devices may be active on the CAN network during programming operations
*Note: firmware programming occurs at a CAN baud rate of 250kbits/sec. If any CAN tools are in use during programming, they should be set to a baud rate of 250kbits/sec


2. Apply firmware update via CAN

Launch bootloader program as administrator by right clicking on program and select “Run as Administrator” and performing the following steps:

  • Connect to CAN interface device
    • Click on the “Connection” program tab
    • Select “CAN” -> “Connect” then select your adapter (e.g., “PCAN-USB1”)
    • The program status display will now read “Searching for Target"
  • Browse to firmware update file
    • Click on “Browse” button
    • Select the DSP FLASH radio button and click OK
    • Navigate to the *.out file corresponding to the new firmware to be loaded
  • Re-apply 24V control power
  • The program status display should now read “Connected to bootloader version x.x”
  • Click the “Download to Target” button
  • The program status display will report “Clearing Memory” -> “Programming File” -> “Programming Completed”
  • Press “Jump to Flash”
  • The program status display will report “Disconnecting” -> “Disconnected"
  • Close the Firmware utility


3. Restore System

  • Remove 24V control power
  • Remove Boot Enable jumper
  • Power up module normally