250kW Heavy automotive drive inverter

EPC’s RS series of power inverters enable high performance integration of permanent magnet or induction motors into harsh-duty automotive applications. 


What makes the RS line so special?  It was designed from the ground-up for class 3 to class 8 trucks, with the knowledge that torque is king, reliability is not optional, and integration must be dead-simple.


Unlike passenger-grade inverters, RS inverters are designed for longevity in the face of severe thermal cycling resulting from repeated full-torque requests.  These demanding applications are exactly why RS inverters were made.


Continuous ratings:

  • Battery Voltage: up to 850 VDC
  • DC Current Rating: 450 ADC
  • AC Current Rating: 350 ARMS


  • 20% - 50% water/glycol
  • 8 liters per minute


  • Integrated


Spec Sheet

Outline Drawing


The RS-11 is designed for longevity.  Both powerful and rugged, the RS-11 was designed for harsh-duty drive cycles found specifically in truck or military applications.