EPC Power Corp Releases updated Microgrid Inverter - MG-LC12 - for Emergency Backup and Renewable Generation Systems

For Immediate Release: company releases an inverter product upgrade to provide control of energy storage and other generation sources for microgrids and community emergency backup

POWAY, CA, June 22, 2015/ -- EPC Power Corp, the manufacturer and designer of grid forming bi-directional inverters for solar, vehicle, and alternative fueled generators, announced the release  of its updated flagship power converter, the MG-LC12, for microgrid or electrical islanding of electrical loads. 

The LC12 module is designed to enable deployment of high-performance microgrids and UPS-style parallel backup. The LC natively integrates renewable generation, battery energy storage, and utility or generator electricity sources. With automatic grid synchronization, the LC product line is designed from the ground-up to be both reliable as well as easily integrated into larger systems. With a power rating of up to 165kW / 290kVA per module, parallel microgrid MG-LC12 modules pack the ability to perform 4-wire grid synthesis at any power, as well as handle fully unbalanced loads and intermittent generation with multiple LC12 units and within sub-cycle latency in parallel operations. 

"EPC Power has created an extremely small footprint inverter to provide efficient and reliable power for all types of the industries' uses. With over 40 MW running over 4 years in 3 countries, EPC has leveraged its military power electronics experience to provide our customers with safe, efficient, and inexpensive power for emergency and critical power needs" said, Devin Dilley, CEO of EPC Power. "The microgrid and energy storage markets have not standardized on voltage or amperage ranges. Other inverters are not compatible with all of the possible ranges in the market. The LC is our response to this confusion in the energy storage industry. The LC12 can manage virtually any conceivable voltage or amperage that our engineering customers can design. The LC12 thus provides our customers' customers future proofing for changes in system design or storage systems for the foreseeable future."

About EPC Power Corp

EPC Power is a San Diego (Poway, CA) USA based manufacturer and designer of grid forming bi-directional inverters and DCDC converters for solar, wind, flywheel, automotive, and alternative fueled generators. EPC Power is a power electronics OEM of grid connected and heavy automotive equipment. Product sizes range from 30kW to over 10MW. EPC designs and manufactures fully functional microgrid, energy storage, automotive, DCDC converter power electronic technologies that enable OEMs and system integrators to accelerate beyond their competition. Manufactured in the USA.

Creating a robust microgrid has never been easier.