Microgrid LC modules

Completely parallelable



up to 350 ARMS & 200 ADC / module

Create a system with a wide DC input range

EPC's microgrid LC modules accept a wide range DC input from a battery or other DC source, and produce clean AC power to nearly any load, building, or remote facility.

Automatically connect to any AC grid voltage

Microgrid modules accept a wide input DC voltage range, while also seamlessly connecting to practically any grid voltage.  The modules will connect to the following grids automatically:

  • 50/60 Hz
  • 200 to 690 VAC
  • 3-phase (3 & 4-wire) 2-phase, 1-phase & 'split-phase'

Designed for OEMs and System Integrators

The LC module is designed to enable you to deploy high-performance microgrids and UPS-style parallel backup.  Integrating generation, battery energy storage, and utility or generator sources has never been easier.

With automatic grid synchronization, the LC line of modules only require commands from your system controller.  They are designed from the ground-up to be both reliable as well as easily integrated into your larger system.  



Designed with reliability and robustness in mind, the LC module is a study in simplicity; it has no moving components - even the fan has been eliminated.

With available power ratings up to 165kW / 290kVA per module, microgrid modules pack the ability to perform 4-wire grid synthesis, as well as handle fully unbalanced loads.



Microgrid modules may be paralleled to achieve any desired power rating. When paralleled, they can still be controlled together or independently, and automatically act as an n-redundant system.


Creating a robust microgrid has never been easier.

Module specifications

 Liquid cooled

  • Water/glycol (EWG)
  • 12-18 liters per minute


  • CAN
  • Modbus / RS485

500 VAC version

  • 1ph: up to 480 VRMS
  • 3ph, 4-wire: up to 480/277 VRMS
  • AC current max: 350 ARMS
  • DC current max: 250 ADC
  • DC input 300 - 650 VDC

700 VAC version

  • 1ph: up to 690 VRMS
  • 3ph, 4-wire: up to 690/400 VRMS
  • AC current max: 285 ARMS
  • DC current max: 210 AD
  • DC input 300 - 975 VDC


  • 511mm x 168mm x 445mm  [20.1” x 6.6” x 17.5”]




Mechanical outline

Communicating to the module



Mechanical integration drawing

Latest Software       (password provided by EPC representative)