Energy Storage


HES-RESCU is a ready-built and fully contained microgrid energy storage / industrial peak shaving system.  Applications include fuel consumption reduction of diesel generators, ride-through energy for solar or wind installations, VAR compensation, and peak-shaving for industrial purposes.

  • Robust
    • Designed in conjunction with GS Battery
    • Containerized solution
    • Closed loop liquid cooling inverter system for maintenance-free operation
    • Temperature-controlled with filtered air intake
    • Tested by Sandia National Labs
  • Ready
    • PV / Wind ready with installation of optional AC coupled inverters
    • SCADA ready using DNP3 over IP
  • Easy
    • Seamless bidirectional storage
    • Industrial, diesel, solar, wind compatible
    • Simple installation on any industrial site

Available Configurations

HES-RESCU is available with US or European grid connect voltages from 208/120 to 480/277VAC, 50/60Hz.

The system is capable of power small buildings or other mobile installations, and to the connected loads, it appears just like a generator, but without the diesel.

  • Minimum container configuration: 60kW / 106kWh

  • Maximum single container: 1.5MW / 2.65MWh

HES-RESCU Brochure

Proven Performance

HES-Rescu has been tested at:

  • Sandia National Labs
  • MIT's Lincoln Labs

Test results from Sandia:

Sandia National Labs Test Results