EPiC 150

400 kW inverter + 70kW integrated charger


With a 70kW integrated charging system, the EPiC/150 automatically senses when it is connected to grid voltage, disconnects itself from the drive motor, and then follows your command to initiate controlled charging of any battery bank.  The EPiC/150 therefore eliminates the need for a charging station in heavy duty traction applications by incorporating the ability to perform Level 3 charging onboard the vehicle.  EPiC/150 is equipped with powerful and rugged components, capable of delivering the power you need to the drivetrain, as well as delivering outstanding charging times, all in one very rugged IP67 aluminum enclosure.

Drive mode

  • Continuous ratings:
    • Battery Voltage:  330 - 850VDC
    • AC Current Rating:  580ARMS

Charging mode

  • Continuous ratings:
    • Battery Voltage: 330 - 850VDC
    • AC Line Voltage: 208VRMS, 3-phase
    • AC Current Rating: 200ARMS
    • Charging Power: 70kW


  • Length: 29"
  • Width: 19"
  • Height: 8.5"


  • 50/50 water/glycol
  • 16 liters per minute
  • -20C to 60C