DC-LC12/6 power module & filters

DC-LC12/6 power module & filters


Bi-directional DCDC conversion

500kW to >10MW

500 to 1,250 ADC per module  |  up to 1,200 VDC


These high power density DC-DC modules were specifically developed for system integrators and OEMs who need to directly incorporate reliable, compact, high-power DC-DC conversion into their systems.  Our modules make straightforward work of system development, allowing you to incorporate extremely high power density & industry-leading technology directly into your end product; giving you strong advantages over your competition.

Our DCDC converters are compatible with a wide range of DC sources, including DC generators, batteries (Lithium, lead-acid, flow, etc.) as well as fuel cells. 

LC power modules pack both the power and the intelligence within a single module. All thats missing is your application.


Designed for OEMs and System Integrators

The LC module is designed to enable you to deploy high-performance power systems.  Integrating generation, battery energy storage, and utility or generation sources has never been easier.

With high-speed processing built in, the LC line of modules only require basic commands from your controller.  They are designed from the ground-up to be both reliable as well as easily integrated into larger systems.  



Designed with reliability and simplicity in mind, the LC module is a study in simplicity; even the fan has been eliminated, so that there are no moving parts.

With a power rating up to and above 500kW per module, DCDC modules pack the performance you need into an extremely small space.


Developing a high-power system has never been easier.

Selecting a DCDC converter for your application


  1. Determine the maximum DC voltage on the high-voltage side of the converter.  This is the first of two necessary values.
  2. Determine the required current on the low-voltage side of the converter.  This is the second value that is needed to select the proper converter.



1,000 ADC must be supplied to/from a low-voltage battery for bidirectional charge/discharge.  The battery voltage is nominally 150 VDC.  The DC/DC converter is required to boost the 150 VDC to 700 VDC and the DC/DC converter must take current commands to push power in either direction.  At 700 VDC you expect ~212 ADC after accounting for losses.

  • 1,000 ADC (low-side current) and 700 VDC (high-side voltage) are the two values that determine the selection of the converter, while the 150 VDC battery voltage and ~212 ADC high-side current do not factor into the selection.
  • The proper model for this application is the:
    • DC-LC12/6-1050-5, which is capable of 1,050 ADC and boosting to a maximum of 800 VDC.


  • Size:
    • 511mm x 168mm x 445mm  [20.1” x 6.6” x 17.5”]
  • Liquid cooling requirements
    • Water/glycol (EWG)
    • 12-18 liters per minute
  • CAN communications
    • SAE J1939 compliant
    • 250, 500, 1000 kbps




Mechanical outline

Communicating to the module



Mechanical integration drawing

Latest Software       (password provided by EPC representative)